GDPR Demo with Elasticsearch



GDPR Demo Description

As of May 25th 2018, your organisation needs to by in compliance with the GDPR regulations. Logging of events could be essential. Puur Data has made a demo to show you how Elasticsearch can be used for this case.

We have created a fictional application with personal data of 3000 customers*. Seven employee’s have acces to this data. A log is being generated about who does what with in this application. Possible logging includes; Addition, Download, Print, Update and View. Data is being logged as of the first of January 2017 and about 127000 entries are being added every month. With our web frontend you can easily find what is done at what time.

*We have used opensource data from the city of Chicago.


Machine Learning / Alerting

Elasticsearch offers the possibility of Machine Learning to recognise patterns in data. More important is that it is also possible to detect abnormalities in data. With an Alert you are informed immediately and are able to instantly react. The picture below shows a abnormality on our demo server which is automatically detected by Elasticsearch. At this point in time a employee downloaded many customer records in a short period of time.

GDPR machine learning



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