Big Data in Industry

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Big Data in Industry

With Big Data Analysis we realize proactive maintenance and minimal downtime

We call it Big Data in Industry, but by the segment 'industry' we actually mean any organization that can collect data from machines, pumps, PLCs, sensors, etc. This can be companies in the petrochemical industry, refineries, pharmaceutical, the food and food industry, but also at water boards, Big Data Analysis can be put to good use.

Big Data in Industry

The amount of data collected is enormous. By mining this data with a Big Data Analysis solution, new insights are created and sometimes even new business models. For example, it is possible to proactively carry out maintenance before parts are actually broken. Anomalies can be detected by automatic analysis, which may indicate the failure of certain parts. Maintenance can thus be planned and downtime can be avoided. This results in enormous cost savings.

'Big Data as a Service' for Industry

Puur Data has developed a solution especially for the Industry segment that can lead to results very quickly. The average implementation time is less than a month. Due to the scalable model, our solution can easily be used for a 'Proof of concept' and then quickly put into production. Also take a look at us white paper 'Big Data Big Deal' or download our Big Data Project poster† take Contact Contact us and we will inform you without obligation about the possibilities in your area!

Knowing more?

Do you want to know more or do you have a question about the possibilities, call us +31 (0)88 – 7887 328, go to Contact or fill in the form below!

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