Big Data project in 12 steps

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Big Data project in 12 steps

Download Big Dat project poster

Thinking about a Big Data project? There is a lot involved in making this successful. Before the actual project can start, the necessary preparatory work has to be done. Puur Data has made a poster that describes these steps. Various tips are also given.

Big Data project poster

The steps we have defined and which are on the poster include the following: The question, the team, where do I get the data? am I going to buy or build the solution? what about the Budget? how am I going to sell my project internally? time for action! roll out, collect and unlock the data, train, make your analyses, find the insights and visualize. The approach will of course differ per organization. See what your competitors are doing in the field of Big Data and what value they are creating. Puur Data can help you every step of the way, although a lot of information will have to come from your own organization. Fill out the form below and you will receive an email with the download link by return. We also include a blank form template for you to fill out yourself!

Download the project poster now!

big data project poster

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