Puur Data ISO 27001 certified!

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Puur Data ISO 27001 certified!

Puur Data is ISO 27001 certified. This means that we meet the criteria set by the standard in the field of information security.

EDE Data analytics specialist Puur Data from Ede can now call itself ISO-27001 certified. This means that it has been determined by an independent reviewer that Puur Data meets the international standard for information security. Confidentiality, integrity and availability of business-critical information and sensitive customer data are demonstrably well secured.

Information security is a hot issue† Cybersecurity has been the center of attention, especially since the introduction of the new GDPR privacy legislation. Puur Data has a lot to do with sensitive customer data. A data breach can have major consequences from a competition point of view or because the information contains personal data.

''With this certification, we show that we have set up processes around information security well. That is important for our customers and for ourselves,” says Marco van den Brandhof. He is managing director of Puur Data.

Van den Brandhof indicates that customers increasingly want insight into how the security of their data is arranged. This is especially true for those who receive support from Puur Data when setting up an Elastic environment. Elastic makes it possible, among other things, to quickly store, search and analyze large amounts of data. "Data security is always a theme for them," says Van den Brandhof. "And that's right."

The managing director is very happy with the certification. “Customers looking for certainty can now rely all the more on that we handle information well.”

About Puur Data

Puur Data is a data analytics specialist who can call himself an Advanced Partner of Elasticsearch. Organizations benefit from the extensive expertise of Puur Data and can count on the best products and services, based on the latest technologies. Puur Data provides both cloud and on-premise solutions. For more information: www.puurdata.nl

Knowing more?

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