About Puur Data

Valuable insights from complex and rapidly growing data flows, supported by Elastic solutions.

Puur Data has been helping organizations since 2013 to gain more insight from explosively growing amounts of structured and unstructured data. Thanks to the solutions of elastic we are able to quickly reveal specific trends and patterns, even in complex environments, that help you make better-informed decisions. This puts you in control and allows you to respond more adequately to change.

Our services are based on three pillars:

  1. Search and analyze: search and analyze terabytes of data at top speed. Smart algorithms ensure more relevant results that are presented to you on a clear dashboard.
  2. To observe: By continuously monitoring log data from IoT equipment, you can see how your IT infrastructure is performing, prevent disruptions and be compliant.
  3. To secure: Thanks to Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), you collect data that points to cyber threats. Consider login attempts or abnormal network traffic. As soon as something is wrong, you will receive an alert and intervene before hackers can cause damage.

Elite Elastic Partner

Puur Data is an Elite Partner of elastic, which means that we demonstrably have a lot of knowledge of their products and services. We are not only strong in searching and understanding data, but also in enriching data and linking data sources. This allows us to meet specific customer needs.

Our organization

Our people are pragmatic. Sometimes a bit stubborn, but always determined to exceed your expectations. They always keep your business goals in mind in everything they do.

Our flat management structure makes us agile and flexible. This allows us to advise you on which use case suits your challenges and budget. We can then implement these quickly and efficiently. You can also contact us for outsourcing. You do not have to build up any knowledge or skills yourself, but you can enjoy convenience and the right functionalities for a fixed amount per month.

Government agencies, small and medium-sized businesses, as well as large companies such as Das Rechtsbijstand and Lidl have already found our office in Ede. We would also like to discuss with you how you can get more value from all your data. Please feel free Contact with us.

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