Elasticsearch Consultancy

Knowledge on demand for a short or longer period of time

Elasticsearch Consultancy

Puur Data provides Elasticsearch consultancy on the ELK stack. We can help and advise you in setting up your Elasticsearch environment, linking data sources and making analyzes and visualisations. We can quickly Proof of Concept for you so that you have quick results at minimal cost. We often work on the basis of a 'fixed price', which means that the risk for your organization is very low. We can also help you obtain the right support contracts.

Use cases

The consultants of Puur Data have experience with different types of 'Use Cases'. It makes no difference to us whether it concerns Customer Analytics, Machine (sensor) data or, for example, Log data. The Use Cases that we carry out for customers can be roughly divided into 4 types.


This involves searching in large amounts of data. This can, for example, involve searching in a large number of legal documents, but this can also mean making stock and price information quickly available to the frontend in order to relieve an ERP system.


This basically involves storing large amounts of data with time stamp. This includes access logs for, for example, GDPR compliance, metric data from an IT environment or log data generated by a machine park.


This involves making analyzes on the data. This includes statistical data, analyzing customer data, for example, or using Machine Learning algorithms.

Data research

The consultants are used to look specifically at the data. This may involve enriching data by linking multiple data sources together. For example, it can also involve looking for very specific patterns in 1 or more datasets.

Deployment of Elasticsearch consultancy

The consultants can be deployed on both short and long trajectories, with and without project responsibility (secondment).

Knowing more?

Do you want to know more or do you have a question about the possibilities, please contact us!