Search solution for government


Even more than in business, the government has to deal with legislation and regulations regarding information, data and analysis thereof. To ensure that the solution fits in well with the wishes and, above all, requirements, Puur Data has placed the solutions specifically for the government in eData. eData is a Joint Venture between Puur Data and eSpecialisten. eData helps (government) organizations to access their data in a structured and coherent manner and to gain better insight.


eData provides solutions in the field of search and data analysis. For example, eData provides a search solution in which multiple data sources, such as a case system, can be made searchable in one central environment. eData also has a solution to tag thousands of documents and provide them with a label in accordance with the Archives Act. More information can be found at eData's website.

Puur Data

eSpecialists and Puur Data

In eData, eSpecialists and Puur Data bundle their knowledge. eSpecialists is specialized in processes, legislation and regulations. Puur Data realizes the technical solution. Contact us and we will help you!