Elastic Security & SIEM

Discover cyber threats in time and prevent damage.

The security of your network should be a top priority! With the Elastic SIEMsolution you can achieve this quickly. Every moment of the day attempts are made to break into your servers, without you even realizing it. This is separate from all malware that you and other employees receive by email or via websites. As an indication: one of our test servers is linked to the internet with a random IP address; This attempts to log in more than 5,000 times per hour.

Machine Learning to detect abnormal behavior

In addition to securing your environment by, for example, closing ports, it is important to gain insight into what is happening on your network. You gain this insight by collecting data from network traffic, metrics, login attempts, etc. Using Machine Learning algorithms, the solution learns which patterns are normal and abnormal. An alert can then be generated for the latter. By setting rules you can also indicate what is good and what is not. More than 90 rules have been created in advance, of which you can decide which ones you want to use.

Elastic siem

Clear dashboards and fast implementation

Puur Data can (depending on the size of your organization) set up the foundation of your Elastic SIEM in a week, so that you can get started quickly. This includes dashboards, alerting and threat hunting capabilities. take fast Contact to make a (virtual) appointment to discuss the possibilities. Also take a look at our white paper 'Big Data, Big Deal' or download our Big Data Project poster.