Search – search solution for TBs of data

Quick searches of millions of documents made easy!

Search solution from Puur Data

You have a lot of data and want to search it quickly? Puur Data provides a search solution that allows you to quickly search large amounts of data. By using standard components, we can quickly meet your requirements. The enterprise search solution can be powered by a variety of data source. Information from a database, website information, PDF files, the format does not matter. The solution indexes the data and makes it searchable. Once the data has been added, it will also be immediately displayed in the search results. By means of a Proof of Concept, we can quickly show you how the search solution handles your own data.

Relevance and pattern recognition

What makes a good search solution good is the relevance of the search results in relation to the query. This is why we adapt the search solution to the type of data being searched. For example, by weighing certain data differently, the search result can be influenced. We work with other boosting methods and pattern recognition for this. The latter is especially interesting when, for example, very specific data has to be searched.

Autocomplete, suggestions and synonyms

The search solution also allows the use of autocomplete and suggestion functionality. In the first case, you start typing and the sentence is automatically completed for you. With suggestions, you will automatically be presented with alternatives for your search based on your search string. We can also use synonyms in the search solution. In that case, the system automatically returns the search results for the original search query and for all defined synonyms.

Request a demo

Would you like to see how the solution works in practice? Then request a demo. If desired, we can even perform these with your own data!