Proof of Concept

Fixed price POC, then you are really sure of your business!

The experiences that have been gained with Big Data projects differ per organization. Everyone agrees that Big Data creates value that is of great use. Where things sometimes go wrong, however, is the amount of time it takes to set up and set up a Big Data Analysis environment. It therefore happens that organizations are somewhat reluctant to start a Big Data project for this reason. Pure Data's Big Data Proof of Concept program removes these objections!

Big Data Proof of Concept; fixed price and without risk

Pure Data's method and solution makes the difference. We work in a pragmatic way according to a fixed pattern. We start by establishing a 'use case'. What do you want to investigate and with what data? We then link the data source and make the analysis. It doesn't really matter whether it concerns analyzing customer data, clickstream data or, for example, analyzing industrial data from machines. To minimize the risk for you as a customer, we offer a Big Data Proof of Concept at a fixed price!

'Big Data as a Service' for Big Data

Pure Data has developed a solution especially to be able to quickly start with Big Data Analysis that can lead to results very quickly. The average implementation time is less than a month. Due to the scalable model, the solution can easily be used for a 'Proof of Concept' and then quickly put into production. Also take a look at our white paper 'Big Data, Big Deal' or download our Big Data Project poster† Contact us and we will inform you without obligation about the possibilities in your area!