For large amounts of data

The amount of data is increasing. To make it possible to quickly search, analyze and visualize large amounts of data, Puur Data works with Elasticsearch. Puur Data is an official Elite partner of Elasticsearch.

Elasticsearch: what is it?

Elasticsearch is an open source solution that is mainly used to quickly search and analyze large amounts of data. For example, the solution is also very suitable for analyzing and visualizing log data. When people talk about Elasticsearch, they often talk about the ELK stack. It consists of three different applications, namely:


Elasticsearch is the analytics engine in the ELK stack and makes it possible to store and search large amounts of data or perform analyses.


Logstash is the 'central data flow engine' in the Elastic Stack for collecting, enriching and bringing together all your data, regardless of the format of this data. It provides real-time processing of your data and is particularly powerful in combination with Kibana and Beats.


Kibana provides visualization. It offers the possibility to visually mine data and analyze it in real-time. In other words: with Kibana you add data exploration, visualization and 'dashboarding' to your environment.

Elasticsearch: near real-time

The environment works 'near real-time' and is extremely scalable. The environment can be easily scaled up through multi-tenancy support. Rebalancing and routing of data and workload is done automatically.

Elasticsearch and Puur Data

Puur Data provides consultancy, management and licenses regarding the ELK stack. We can help you set up your Elastic environment, link data sources and make analyzes and visualisations. We can carry out a Proof of Concept for you in a short time, so that you have quick results at minimal costs. We can also help you obtain the right support contracts. If you have any questions about Elasticsearch, please Contact with us or look at elastic.co† Want to install Elasticsearch yourself? View our blog “Install Elasticsearch in 7 steps!† Also take a look at our demo related to GDPR

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