BDaaS (Big Data as a Service): 5 pros and cons

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BDaaS (Big Data as a Service): 5 pros and cons

[big day-tuh az ey sur-vis]

a service that helps customers to explore their data and get useful information and insights from that data

To begin; what is BDaaS anyway? The exact definition is quite different. Even Wikipedia does not have a definition at the time of this writing. We consider it an online service that enables the customer to collect and analyze data in order to gather valuable information. Actually a kind of utility. In this blog we have listed a number of advantages and disadvantages.

Benefits of Big Data as a Service

#1 Insights with BDaaS

With dot on #1; insights! This applies to both BDaaS and a solution that is placed locally. New insights and competitive advantage can be achieved with (big) data analysis.

#2 Cost savings with BDaaS

When you get started with BDaaS, you don't have to invest in your own environment. You also need less knowledge to start with Big Data Analysis. This applies to both the technical infrastructure and the software environment.

#3 Making use of existing knowledge about BDaaS

The solution provider shares (if all is well) acquired knowledge. This allows faster results when connecting and analyzing data sources. More documentation is often available and certain matters are standardized.

#4 Limited technical knowledge required with BDaaS

Of course this depends on the solution, but in general the providers take a large part of the work off your hands. This concerns updates, installation, security, etc. This is more useful than you may think, all the more because employees with 'knowledge of the business' are difficult to find.

#5 Get started quickly with BDaaS

Because it is an existing solution, you can quickly start connecting and analyzing data. The entire design and installation process can be largely skipped. The solutions are often 'plug & play'.

(potential) disadvantages of Big Data as a Service

#1 Security

The data is mainly sent over the internet to the provider. This means that it is preferable to work with secure VPN connections. It is usually not desirable for third parties to be able to 'watch' what is being sent over the line.

#2 Capacity of the (internet) connection

Because the data is sent via the internet, this can cause problems with the amount and speed. Initially, data can be brought to the provider via media, but structurally the speed of the internet will determine whether the solution works properly.

#3 Change provider

Because the data is in the Cloud, it will be more difficult to make a copy. Especially when it comes to hundreds of terabytes. If you want to switch providers, you will have to think carefully about a migration path. How do you get the data from one provider to another and what are the agreements about this with the current provider?

#4 Legal Consequences

When data is put in the Cloud, it is not always clear where the data is located and in which country. This can have consequences. Who is allowed to view the data and under which legislation does the data fall?

#5 Limited solution

Many BDaaS solutions are standard solutions. In other words; suitable for a particular purpose. The moment you want to link more data sources, this is not possible and you need another solution.

Knowing more?

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