Hosting Hadoop: Data Analysis without investment!

Hosting our Big Data solution gives us flexibility, the ability to switch quickly and we don't have to invest

Puur Data provides a complete solution from our data center. Our Big Data Analysis solution can be hosted entirely in our own data center. Naturally, the data center meets the highest security requirements and the infrastructure to the data center is optimally set up.

Hosting Hortonworks Hadoop

Puur Data's solutions work with Hortonworks Hadoop. We can make a scalable Big Data Analysis environment available in a very short time. All we do then is personalize the environment to your wishes.


The amount of available data is enormous. It is difficult to determine in advance how much capacity you will need. This applies to the amount of data, but also to the amount of computing power you need to perform the analyses. One of the advantages is that it is easy to carry out a Proof of Concept. There is no investment required and it is easy to scale to a larger environment after the POC without additional investment. Expanding capacity can in most cases be done within minutes.

You can do the management yourself or leave it to us. In this way you no longer have to worry about the infrastructural part. You can fully focus on gaining insights and creating value with the data you collect!

Host your own solution?

Puur Data can of course also migrate your existing environment to our data center. You will then have the same advantages for the future as already mentioned. We make an inventory of your environment and any expansions that can be expected in the future. You will then receive a suitable proposal from us.

Contact us

Contact us and we will inform you without obligation about the possibilities for your area! If you would like more information about Big Data, take a look at our white paper 'Big Data Big Deal' or download our Big Data Project poster.