Puur Data and eSpecialists launch eData

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Puur Data and eSpecialists start eData.nu

eData is the Joint Venture between Puur Data and eSpecialists. eData helps organizations to access their data in a structured and coherent way and to gain better insight.

The amount of data and digital information within organizations is increasing rapidly. This not only places demands on storage, but also on being able to find the right information quickly. Information is stored on personal and shared network drives, in DMSs, in business systems, in e-Depots and in task-specific applications. The information is not only stored within the organization itself, but often also at related parties. The Open Government Act (Woo) and the Open Government Act (Wob) ensure that the importance of being able to disclose information in a timely and correct manner is only increasing.

Concrete eData applications

eData offers high-quality, innovative solutions that ensure that all your information is quickly structured and accessible again. You can then quickly take the necessary follow-up actions. eData has several directly deployable applications for your organization. These applications have been developed in collaboration with our customers and are therefore very practical. In addition, we are able to quickly and adequately tackle new issues in the field of searching, finding and opening up together with you. Below are some examples of readily available eData solutions:

  • eFind: analyzing, unlocking, structuring, cleaning and possibly phasing out e-mail, network drives, document management systems and all other applications.
  • eWOZ enforcement: based on area analysis and prioritization of objects, a geographical map is made on the basis of which enforcement can be tackled in a targeted manner.
  • eWob (including eAnonymisation): targeted searches within large amounts of data to make all relevant documents available quickly and in coherence. eAnonymization can then be applied directly to privacy-sensitive data.
  • eCouncil info: Council information optimally accessible for your organization and for your residents and entrepreneurs. You can search all information including full content documents (full text) in milliseconds. The search results are not only complete, but also well structured.
  • eFraud: If you suspect fraud, you would prefer to have all relevant data immediately available. eData makes it possible to unlock all possible sources in a short time and to make the information (even from tens of thousands of documents) fully findable.

Getting started with eData

Getting started with the eData solutions is simple and accessible. If you contact us, we will visit you to discuss your case. Based on this, we make a concrete proposal for a proof of concept with our innovative solutions. You don't have to wait long for the result: we only need a few days for this. If you - like our other customers - are satisfied with the results, you can also immediately put the solution into production.

Knowing more?

Do you want to know more or do you have a question about the possibilities, call us +31 (0)88 – 7887 328, go to Contact or fill in the form below!

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