Big Data in Healthcare: a necessary challenge

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Big Data in Healthcare

With Big Data Analysis we conduct research much more efficiently

Healthcare is changing enormously. This results in a large number of new challenges that put pressure on the quality of care and the patient experience. With Big Data Analysis you can provide new insights that your organization needs to realize significant improvements in the areas of quality of care, cost control and operational efficiency.

Big Data in healthcare

Bee Big Data in healthcare, hospitals are often immediately thought of. Obviously, a lot can be achieved in this environment with the help of Big Data analysis. From mapping patient flows to making logistics more efficient. In addition to hospitals, data analysis can make a positive contribution to almost all facets of healthcare.

In laboratories, for example, data analysis is used to see whether the number of requests for examinations by general practitioners does not deviate from the average, whereby demographic factors are also taken into account. Predicting a flu epidemic is possible by analyzing social media and combining it with data from general practitioners. Big Data analysis is indispensable in the development of medicines. The enormous amounts of data used for this type of research lends itself perfectly to Big Data analysis, where new valuable insights are created.


When one thinks of Big Data in healthcare, one often speaks of privacy issues. In some cases, legislation can act as a barrier to project implementation. This does not mean that privacy is not taken too lightly. Anonymizing data is a widely used solution. The analysis software can ensure that users can only see the anonymized data.

'Big Data as a Service' for healthcare

Puur Data has developed a solution especially for the healthcare segment that can lead to results very quickly. The average implementation time is less than a month. Due to the scalable design, the solution can easily be used for a 'Proof of concept' and then quickly put into production. Also take a look at us white paper 'Big Data Big Deal' or download our Big Data Project poster† take Contact Contact us and we will inform you without obligation about the possibilities in your area!

Knowing more?

Do you want to know more or do you have a question about the possibilities, call us +31 (0)88 – 7887 328, go to Contact or fill in the form below!

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